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◎ 1.7.6 tab notes

Tab Notes is a menu-bar application which keeps your notes tidy and easy to access, and your screen uncluttered. Click on your screen edge, and a note pops up!
- Click on your screen's edge to take a note.
- Document file types are conventional RTF (Rich Text) and RTFD (Rich Text with images). Not proprietary format. (This application uses "Comment" property in RTF)
- RTF documents can be synchronized with iPhone via Dropbox. This means you can view them from any device with Dropbox installed.
- Documents folder can be any folder in your home folder.
- Supports versioning. OS X keeps documents' previous versions. (This app does not contain version browser. Please use TextEdit to browse version files.)
- Customisable with original themes created in Tab Notes Theme Editor

This application is a menu-bar app: its icon does not appear in Dock. You can change preferences from the icon in the menu bar.
Note: This application contains in-app and/or external module purchases.

Mac Tab_Notes_v_2.7.6_27N.dmg {3796 kb}

for 10.14 Uul.Tab.Notes.v.1.7.9.dmg {3538 kb}

Version El Captan Tab.Notes.ver.. {3759 kb}

Version 10.12.5 CZlg_ver._1.7.1_Tab_Notes.pkg {4128 kb}

Updated El Captan FS2N.VERS.1.8.6.TAB.NOTES.DMG {4054 kb}

New on 10.14.3 V_3.7.6_TAB_NOTES_91N.ZIP {3649 kb}


Updated version Sanctuary_vers_0.0.2_CuOcA.pkg | 35356 kb | 0.0.3

on OS X SONICFIRE-PRO-VER.-6.8.7-Q5CK.PKG | 127447 kb | 5.9.7

Version High Sierra LadyBugz.v. | 2981 kb |

New El Captan e1D-2.1-Melissa-K.-and-the-Heart-of-Gold-HD-Collector's-Edition.zip | 867430 kb | 3.1

(3759 kb) Software xl7rGP 1.7 Tab Notes 1.7.7 for Sierra

(4349 kb) Software B3gz Tab Notes 1.7.8 1.9.6 Featured! version

(4238 kb) Get 6aQYVg version 1.7.10 Tab Notes 1.10.6 Updated on MacOS

(3317 kb) yx5Ykx 1.7.1 Tab Notes 2.7.6 Featured OS X

(3722 kb) Software duc v.1.10.6 Tab Notes 1.6.101 Version iMac Pro

(4312 kb) Free pIie ver. 1.7.10 Tab Notes 1.8.6 Mojave
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