2019 version vers. 1.7 BootChamp where download

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Developer: kainjow
Filesize: 1126
Title: BootChamp


A valid Windows 10 license
Step 19: Finally, go to Start → Settings → Update & security, and click the Check for updates button. Windows will download any needed updates, and prompt you to restart after doing so. Click Restart now to complete the installation and reboot.
Christoph Pfisterer
Previous Versions
Boot Camp Assistant will automatically remove Windows and expand the macOS partition for you, reclaiming all of that space. Warning: This will delete all the files on your Windows partition, so be sure you have backup copies first!
Part 2. User Library inside Home Folder(~/Library)


for iMac Pro https://macpkg.icu/?id=28468&kw=R0D-VERS-1.11-BOOTCHAMP.APP | 990 kbytes |

New Sierra https://macpkg.icu/?id=28468&kw=v_3.7_bootchamp_u3dp.app | 1216 kbytes |

Updated 10.13 https://macpkg.icu/?id=28468&kw=vz9bmi_bootchamp_v.1.8.zip | 1317 kbytes |

I want to have a second installation of Mac OS X which I can tweak without affecting my existing installation. Is it possible to install a 2nd Mac OS X on another partition using Bootcamp, so I have two partitions each with Mac OS X installed?
How to install Windows on your Mac using Boot Camp
Updated March 22, 2019: Updated for macOS Mojave.
BootChamp could at least fill that hole.
Type: USB Drive
macOS Sierra (10.12)
/Library/Application Support
Drive: Your USB drive (you should only see one entry here)

(1182 kb) Download er9a 1.11 BootChamp 1.9 Recomended Mojave

(1137 kb) Update v 2.7 BootChamp rNXEg0 3.7 Featured! version

(1317 kb) Download BootChamp ver. 2.7 dIC 1.8 Recomended to 10.11.6

(1272 kb) Get BootChamp v.1.9 SwxrC4 1.8 Featured 10.13.6

(1002 kb) Download A1B7F VER. 1.10 BOOTCHAMP 1.8 10.11.5

Best Mojave Codebug-vers.1.5.2-4nxj.zip | 3819 KB | 3.5.1

New OS X wOmr7O_Small_Town_Terrors:_Pilgrim's_Hook_CE_v_1.2.app | 677068 KB | 3.0
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