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Description: 62157 KB - Tricks and Treats - Games - Notus Games - Puzzle


In Tricks and Treats, a wonderful Halloween-themed endeavor, prepare a haunting reception for your ghoulish friends!
This year, it's the Count's turn to host the annual gathering of ghosts, goblins, zombies, and more friends at his spooky mansion. He has some decorating and tidying up to do, and has asked for your help to make everything just right.
Prepare for the Count's mansion gala in this fantastic Match 3 experienced filled with Halloween atmosphere. Play dozens of levels to earn gold, silver, and creepy items that help purchase house decorations. Obtain helpful power-ups to overcome nasty obstacles, grab fun upgrades to perform better, and even get the chance to hand out Halloween candy. It's a devilishly fun game to help put you in the spirit.

Featured! version QuheO_Tricks_and_Treats_1.1.0.tar.gz (62157 kb)

Updated 10.14.3 foAy_Tricks_and_Treats_1.0.3.zip (70237 kb)

Recomended! version TtI_ver_3.0.0_Tricks_and_Treats.dmg (54076 kb)

Version 10.11 oMczqt.Tricks.and.Treats.v.1.0.1.zip (52833 kb)

Recomended to MacBook Air oWI7fg_ver._1.0.2_Tricks_and_Treats.zip (63400 kb)

Mac mini HAebyT-Tricks-and-Treats-vers-1.0.4.pkg (50347 kb)

Notus Games

New! version 1.1.Xeoma.GDm8zF.dmg {27914 kbytes} 2.0

MacBook Air mho-v-2.6.1-Resilio-Sync.app {20856 kbytes} 2.6.6

Featured on Mac Pro Dogecoin_v_2.1_dGGWn.zip {19377 kbytes} 1.5

New MacOS Focusey.v.2.0.0.QsSlz1.dmg {9105 kbytes} 3.0.0

Updated for MacOS KlYGR.4.1.1.AllBookmarks.app {3891 kbytes} 4.0.3

10.11.6 V.8.0.5.FDF-CONVERTER.HZLIE.TAR.GZ {4177 kbytes} 8.3.1

[68994 kb] Download S3sV Tricks and Treats ver 1.1.0 1.2.0 Featured for 10.14.1

[54076 kb] App 1.0.3 Tricks and Treats nw68 2.0.0 Best MacOS

[51590 kb] App Tricks and Treats ver 2.0.0 Lhl536 3.0.0 Version on OS X

[61535 kb] Update TRICKS AND TREATS V 1.0.4 BOEI 1.0.2 Updated version

[59049 kb] Free Tricks and Treats 1.0.1 mQpKx 1.0.3 Featured on iMac

[68994 kb] App B9H VERS.1.2.0 TRICKS AND TREATS 1.1.0 for 10.14.3

[67129 kb] Free Tricks and Treats v.1.3.0 gkoXb 1.0.2 Featured 10.13.5
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