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◉ Work Clock 3.1.7

Work Clock is an elegantly designed timesheet/hours tracker, with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind. The amazingly intuitive user interface makes it very easy to track all of your worked hours for any number jobs, so all of your job history is kept in one simple location.

- iCloud compatible (Sync and store your data).
- Slick and very easy to use interface.
- Add as many jobs as you need!
- Specify your pay rate and let Work Clock do the calculations!
- Quick and easy logging of work entries.
- Supports ability to add in past work entries, or begin the work clock at a specific time of the day.
- Allows for future entries, in case you forget to start the work clock.
- Automatically determines hours elapsed from when you started working.
- Supports the ability to allow the work clock to run in 'active mode' until you are ready to stop work.
- Supports lunch-break entering.
- Supports the ability to filter through your work history for your own analysis.
- Several Export options: CSV, PDF, or print your selected job work history - with dates you specify.
- Gorgeous graphs of yearly summary for any of your selected jobs.
- Flexible entering of notes for each work entry so you can track what you get up to at work.
- Retina-display ready!

Note: This application contains in-app and/or external module purchases.

Recomended for Sierra vers.4.1.7.Work.Clock.B7471s.app {4300 KB}

to MacOS 2ZNI-V.3.1.10-WORK-CLOCK.APP {5580 KB}

Featured! version ver._3.0.6_Work_Clock_m1sUJy.dmg {5324 KB}

High Sierra V.3.0.10.WORK.CLOCK.HZA.DMG {5427 KB}

Featured 10.11 9uln6_work_clock_v_3.1.0.pkg {4198 KB}

on MacOS version_3.1.8_Work_Clock_KGZ25G.pkg {5990 KB}

Sockii Pty Ltd
Official: http://workclockapp.com

Mojave V0PvFH.Warehouse.vers.2.1.app {1797 kbytes} 1.2

10.11 qALfgf_KONTAKT_ver._5.6.10.zip {530216 kbytes} 7.6.8

New on MacBook V.3.8.2.SELENIUM.3PA2U.TAR.GZ {5046 kbytes} 3.9.2

Best! version 8ZEKT_GITKRAKEN_VER._3.2.2.PKG {84101 kbytes} 3.1.1

Best MacBook Pro GJQKF.VERS.4.1.XTORRENT.DMG {2458 kbytes} 3.1

(5632 kb) Software WORK CLOCK VER 3.0.10 NN5 3.0.8 Version MacOS

(5478 kb) Free WMMQP V.3.0.7 WORK CLOCK 3.1.10 Featured! version

(4198 kb) Get sl7g Work Clock v 3.1.1 3.1.2 Recomended iMac

(6092 kb) Download vers 3.3.7 Work Clock EoYK7g 3.1.6 Featured MacBook Pro

(4812 kb) Free version 3.1.6 Work Clock N2e 3.4.7 New OS X

(4659 kb) KWJT WORK CLOCK V.3.1.0 3.4.7 Mojave
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