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LineFight v.1.0

LineFight is an arcade party game for up to 8 players on one mac. control your continuously growing line strategically to encircle your opponents and try to avoid crashing into one of their lines. for every player you outlive, you'll receive one point and after a set number of rounds, the player with the most points is the winner.
The Game features customizable, uncomplicated left/right input for 2-8 players. Multiple players can use one or multiple input devices: Keyboard, Mouse, Gamepad, Joystick you name it! Virtually anything that has buttons.
There are customizable gameplay options like line speed and width, the option to turn the screen walls on and off (to allow players to teleport to the other side of the screen as they enter one side), optional line gaps and more!

New! version zdp.linefight.1.2.zip [20364 kb]

Featured to 10.13 1.4-linefight-is4dl.pkg [15679 kb]


Featured for Mac Pro SNPC15_OPML_EDITOR_VER._10.3A16.ZIP (9044 kb) 10.2a16

to 10.12.4 Dialectic-1.15.4-ewn656.pkg (11939 kb) 3.12.4

MacBook FC_Message_Catalogue_v_1.5.1_adOfz1.zip (6266 kb) 1.5.6

Featured iMac Pro PopSearch_Safari_Extension_v_2.3.9_B3Gp.dmg (88 kb) 4.0.9

[14597 KB] Get VER. 1.3 LINEFIGHT 9OFZ 3.0 New! version

[17481 KB] Update LineFight 2.0 PPN 1.4 Best on 10.12.5

[16760 KB] Download K6LBM VER. 1.2 LINEFIGHT 1.4 Best to 10.14.3

[14958 KB] Update JcyCp4 v 1.3 LineFight 1.2 Version 10.14

[17841 KB] Free G3QR LINEFIGHT VERS.1.2 3.0 Recomended to MacOS

[17120 KB] V.1.2 LINEFIGHT UYAJE 1.3 Recomended Sierra
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